Hi, I just bought a new computer that does not have a normal DVD player or reader so I was wondering is there anyway to add one on via USB?? Why would a computer not come standard with one of these- I did not see an option when purchasing the computer to add one in anywhere?? Am I stuck without a DVD Reader/Player because that would be very inconvenient.

The best thing about computers is their ability to have different accessories and components that can be added on after market.? If you missed something on the build section of your computer, you can be sure that you should be able to upgrade it or add it on a day, week, month or year later.

It seems to me you either bought a slim laptop, for sizing/weight issues, does not include a DVD player and only a USB port, or an ultra slim PC that might not have the conventional type of slot for your DVDs.

Lets look at some options that you can take for your PC and I’ll explain which is the best for your situation.

In this scenario, your only path to take is an external DVD player, but you still have 2 main paths to choose from.? An external device could either be an external DVD player that was all assembled and only have one function of being a DVD Drive, or you could purchase an external enclosure that would fit a DVD Drive or even a future hard drive!

The pro’s of the first choice is a bit higher speed of transfer and burning, yet the cons are you can never really change the drive in the device and it only serves one purpose.

The external enclosure pro’s are its versatility to be able to have swappable drives (Optical drives, like a DVD Burner, or a hard drive for more space).? I really suggest the latter of the two options just because you can always upgrade your drive and use it for some extra storage later on.I wouldn’t worry too much about the speed difference between the two- its not something that will really effect your normal usage.just make sure you get a 3.5″ external enclosure and not a 2.5″.

Good luck and let us know which option you decide to go with!