It’s the end of the experience so I took a couple extra days to reflect on the entire experience of owning a Mac after switching over from 15 years of Windows.

I took some time to analyze the daily functionality and use of the laptop and how it changed, helped, hurt, excited or dulled my browsing, computing, word processing and other various tasks.

I will be first to admit how incredibly shocked I was with the outcome of what I found. I never thought I’d say this but…

…I’m proud to be the new owner of a MacBook Pro. The original plan was to get rid of the laptop after the testing period, but I couldn’t see myself going back to a Windows Machine on a day to day basis. I really love my Mac with OS X and find Windows to be boring, plain, dull and old.

I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop via boot camp, but I barely use that partion because there is no true need. I’ve found all the software I need to come in Mac format. The real difference between programs for Windows and Mac is the wider availability of cool widgets, apps and side tools that can be installed on a Mac to really personalize what you do on the computer that is not possible with a Windows machine. I have everything I want at my fingertips and can pull up all the files and programs I use instantly with a swish of my finger or a couple of hot keys.

I would love to get more in depth with the parts, the integration between software pieces, the overall hardware design, but I think the stronger design and built still lies with Apple currently.

I expect to see more advancements from Windows machines and software in the near future that allow for more open source applications and widgets like OS X and even better/slimmer/sleeker laptop designs, but there is nothing on the market I found that could beat out the Pro.

If any of you are in need of some convincing to choose Apple for your next laptop purchase, consider the last 30 days of my use as a big push forward. I can guarantee you will love your computer and become personally attached to how easy it is to make your experience unique to you.