The new Motorola Droid X has certainly left a good first impression on the world of reviewers, and has put up staggering numbers on the sales chart.? Within the first week of sale, it has already been pushed back to an August 3rd ship date due to the high demand numbers, similar to the HTC Incredible by Verizon Wireless.

I was able to grab one for my personal number and I fell in love with the large screen, multimedia capabilities and of course, the apps.

The Droid X has a native 4.3″ screen, which is the largest from any current mobile phone on the market, similar to the HTC Evo.? It has the fastest processor, large storage (up to 40 gigs) and thin-to-win design.

The Droid X supports apps such as DLNA (controlling media from your computer hard drives and sending them to TVs to stream, Mobile Hotspot and much more.? It takes the breathtaking Google Sky app to the next level and browsing is at its best on the Droid X.? The update to Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 will easily make it the best browsing phone on the current market.

The keyboard is marvelous, and keeps up with a fast texter like myself.? I was comfortable answering some emails and I barely missed my old physical keyboard days.? I loved the multi-touch keyboard and found it faster than SWYPE!

The one thing I do not like about the Droid phones is the battery life.? I am certain that it won’t be long until a mobile device comes out where the?manufacture forgot to enable phone calling features on the device.? With these Droid phones, the scary bottleneck is the battery.? These phones do not make it through the day with a midday fillup and unfortunately, that does not cut it for me.? I’ll be posting more, but the way it looks, I’ll be going back to my Blackberry by the end of the week.