I lost over 300 i-Tune songs on my hard drive. My daughter has them on her i-Pod. When I called Apple, they said that I can only retrieve the songs that were purchased through i-Tunes. My daughter has more than half of them loaded from CDs that she got from the library. How can I get the 300 i-Tunes from my daughter’s i-Pod loaded back on to my hard drive? In other words, I want all the songs on the i-Pod to match i-Tunes on my hard drive. Help!!!

I’ve seen this problem numerous times, and it only increases my despise for Apple tech support.? They love to make you spend money when there are free options available that do a great job of extracting songs off your iPod back onto your hard drive.

The program I recommend and personally use to take songs off my iPod and rip them onto my computer is EphPod.? “EphPod is a full-featured, easy-to-use Windows application that connects with Apple’s iPod.”? It also does a great job of grabbing any news, contacts, calendar dates or appointments and playlists from your iPod.

Download it and install.? Make sure you create the appropriate folder somewhere on your desktop for it to download to.? Check at the options for how it extracts; whether it files through date, artist or genre.? You should have your music back on your hard drive in no time!