The new Windows 8 Customer Preview is finally here! Microsoft released the customer preview for its newest operating system Windows 8 earlier last week in Spain.? The obvious successor to a successful Windows 7, Microsoft now aims to couple an offering that blends the tablet, smartphone and desktop environment to one mold.

Download a copy of the newest preview straight from Microsoft here, and load it on a spare hard drive or a virtual machine to play around with the new look.

Windows 8 prides itself on building a new touch interface (for supporting hardware) on top of the reliable and stable Windows 7 operating system.? While users can always have their traditional desktop experience, they can explore the idea of ’tiles’ and apps with a new and improved interface of the future.

Users will have a stronger learning curve with this new operating system, and may find it’s block structure (colorful tiles that represent applications) to be a new way of just organizing and visualizing a desktop.? Before you judge the appearance, keep in mind the point to give the individual all their key information, such as emails, social networking, frequently used apps, right at your fingertips with an innate sense of use.

For those interested in viewing a more comprehensive overview with screenshots and walk-throughs, check out some of these links: