DLNA and PlayTo are great features coming out in the technological world that will revolutionize the way you connect and integrate media in your life.

DLNA and PlayTo(Windows 7 Feature) are essentially those fancy ways that you see in movies which allow you to send a song or a movie from your computer to your TV or phone…etc.

If you’re curious to get your home network on this type of application, there are tons of products on the market to get started.

A great place to check what devices you may already have that are DLNA capable are either with the logo *seen above* or checking on this website which has a full list of capable products.

Essentially how the concept works is sending your media files over the network to another device hooked up on the same network.? There are products you can get to connect a TV to your home network such as the WD TV HD Live which will stream HD movies over ethernet or a wifi adapter!

Phones such as the Droid X have free apps built into the software that allow to connect to your media devices and network storage so you can select a file from your computer and stream it on your TV (while choosing and moving from your cell).

If you’re in the market for a new piece of hardware, make sure its DLNA capable!