Do I buy a laptop or a desktop computer for my next machine?? I am not sure if laptops are just replacing desktops and if I should just not waste my money on a desktop or if they are still better computers.? Thanks.

Laptops are becoming more prevalent in the tech world today, becoming the staple of computing especially on the college scene.? Desktops, the office work horse, are slowly becoming edged out of the picture due to their lack of portability…but are they being underrated?

If you’re considering buying either a new desktop or laptop, you have to view the pros and cons of both and whether which would serve you better.? Let’s outline a few.

Laptop computers are portable, have the “virtual” no cord image and can travel with you.? They are becoming very light, increasingly more powerful and have better features as the days go on.

Desktop computers are the ultimate powerhouse, out perform laptops and are much cheaper with the ability to upgrade making them less obsolete and preserving your investment longer.

The user for a laptop should be purchasing the laptop because they want to carry it around with them and be mobile with their computing.? They should not care too much about battery life and be willing to spend more money to purchase less.

A desktop user should be looking for a more high end type of computer but lack of portability.? The desktop user may have a limited budget but will have the ability to continually upgrade the desktop over time to continue to preserve its longevity and life in an increasingly growing industry.

High end demand and low budget = Desktop

Portability and higher budget/need of slim and sleek = Laptop