I bought System Security 2009 thinking it was a legit anti-virus protector. Then
I realized that it was in fact fake and I uninstalled the program, and downloaded a
better one. But now I’m out 50 bucks. Is there a way to track down the “30 day
money back guarantee” that this fake spyware claims, or am I better off
contacting my bank?

Cyber Crime and Computer Fraud is unfortunately increasing every day.? There are thousands of scams such as supporting Nigerian Princesses to downloading an illegitimate program.? In your specific case, I understand the frustration for paying for something that looks so real.? As the average computer user, its tough to distinguish what is a scam and what is true.? I’m glad you were able to remove the program, check out our previous post here on how to remove System Security 2009 to double check everything.

Check out some ways to deal with computer fraud and how to distinguish what is a true program and what may be a scam.

To start, I would contact your bank or credit card company to report the transaction as unauthorized and explain the situation.? Most companies are very good about helping out their customers in these cases.

Next, I highly recommend you report the entire event to cyber crime.? Cyber crime “is responsible for implementing the Department’s national strategies in combating computer and intellectual property crimes worldwide.”? While your case is considered to be small, its a good heads up before someone puts it on a work computer with highly sensitive data.

For the future, Google the programs you want to download in the future.? See what types of reviews they have or if there is any information that might lead you to believe it could be a bad piece of software.? Also, look on the corner of your web browser.? Whenever you enter in any payment information, there should be some sort of SSL encryption in the bottom of your browser; it will look like a golden lock.? If it does not, then I recommend you double check on what you are buying!