I’ve found some cool music videos off of YouTube and some remixes people have made.? I want to put these on my iPod to watch at the gym to save some time for later on, but how do I get the videos off YouTube and put them on my iPod or at least on my computer for later.? Thanks for the help in advance.

Pulling videos off YouTube can be a fantastic tool so long as the video poster has granted access to its rights or the video does not have copy written material.? I’ve posted a previous entry about pulling some Do-It-Yourself videos off YouTube here but never included information on how to through it on an iPod for the gym.

I found a site that I use personally to help me with this.? I love downloading videos on tips and tricks to watch while on the treadmill for the reasons you said above; it saves time and makes working out much more fun.

Locate the video you want to copy and then keep it on your clipboard (CTRL+C).? Open ConvertMyTube and paste the link in the open space for the URL.? If you’d like to change the format to an .mp3, .wav, .mov (MAC) or an .mp4 (iPod or iPhone) click on the circle that follows the end of the blank spot for the URL.? Select the designated format and click Convert and Download.

You can specify the download location during the download, and after add the file into iTunes to drag over to your iPod.? For other videos, as stated in the previous post,? the best universal video player I’ve found out there is VLC Media Player- which is free!? At the download page,? choose your operating system and install.? After the program is on your machine, you should be able to double click your downloaded YouTube video and start watching it.