I recently purchased a new iPod and I downloaded a bunch of YouTube videos using your last post.  How do I put or convert videos to put them on my iPod so I can watch them later?  I tried copying over those video files into iTunes but nothing was on my iPod when I tried to drag and drop it over.

The video iPod revolutionized the media player when it was first released, changing the idea and functionality of the ?mp3? player.  Unfortunately, Apple made it almost near impossible to figure out how to upload videos to the iPod unless you purchased it straight from the iTunes store.  As time went on, tools came out to try and convert the videos over to the special format but no one tool could accomplish this task while keeping the integrity and clarity of the file?but alas a breakthrough in software was made with a tool that was able to convert all different files into the mp4 format that is needed to put videos onto your video iPod!

First, download the program 3GP Converter from the link provided and install it to your computer.  Once installed, make sure the language setting in the bottom right corner is set to English and open the settings tab.

Choose your output directory and the file format of MP4 for your iPod?you can play with settings desired for quality, volume and other options?

Simply drag and drop your video files into the bottom box and wait for the files to finish converting to your desired output folder.  Add those files into iTunes and drag and drop them to your iPod.