With the world changing technologically, older computers seem to look a bit ?fat? and ?out of shape.?? While its expensive and painful to just toss out the old hardware, its tough to keep up with the rapid changes on a slow machine.

Welcome to a whole new world of fitness and dieting; computer wellness. Here, exclusively on What The Tech, we?ll provide you with some new tips and tricks every so often to show you cool features built in on your computer, software online and even new hardware changes to trim the fat of your old machine and keep it running in top shape.

Check out some of the features we?ll be focusing on:

1) Hardware: Your computer is physically heavy or lacking some muscle carrying around all that dead weight.? We?ll include some articles on important upgrades and hot deals to bulk up, tone and get your machine ripped.

2) Software:? Some of the pre-installed things that came on your machine are resource hogs.? Find some other alternatives that let your machine breathe a bit easier and stay at a lighter load level.

3) Overall system performance and check-ups:? Your machine needs some down time maintenance and routine check-ups in order to make sure it does not have any infections, bad files or errors on some of its crucial hardware and software components.? These may be the most important scans and diagnostic tips we offer!

Most importantly, please feel free to ask any questions (**using the ask question located at the top right**) about your computer and its health.? Think of us as your computer?s personal trainer.? We?re here to help.? Surf healthy and young!