Whenever I play video on my computer, within 10-12 minutes, it restarts.? I am running Windows XP and it only restarts and has these problems when I try to watch and play videos.? Is there anyway I can fix this or figure out why it is restarting?? Thanks for your help.

As you identified above, you should always know the error your computer is encountering that is making it restart and reboot whenever you are watching videos.? We’ll try a couple of suggestions that might help identify your problem and then you can take it to the forums here if you need further help!

The first thing we’ll reproduce is the error message that you’re computer is receiving which is causing the reboot process.

In Windows XP, you have the option to display the error message instead of rebooting.? To do so:

1. Click Start >>
2. Right click My Computer and then >> Properties.
3. Advanced tab >> Settings under Startup and Recovery.
4. Under System failure, click to clear the “Automatically Restart” check box.
5. Click OK and then OK once more to confirm.

This should display an error message you could search in the big engines like Google or even take the message to our forums!

My initial thought is that the computer could be overheating with either onboard video or the actual graphics card and is rebooting to prevent the part from being damaged.? You could try a program like SpeedFan or another computer temperature monitor to check and verify that this is the problem, but you could have another issue on your hand which is why it is important to view the error message instead of the guess and check process!