It would seem that there is universal agreement that child pornography is evil. On the main page of FlyingHamster on January 15, 2007, there was a posting about the case of sixteen year old Matthew Brady:

?It sounds like a rite of passage – a high school boy looking at sexually explicit Web sites. So why did a teen face 90 years in jail? Did a stranger hack into his computer and upload evidence of a serious crime??

Link: Prison Time For Viewing Porn?

It seems to me that the people who prosecute cases like this should be aware of what hackers and what malware can do to a computer. I asked some very talented people in the security community to demonstrate to me how long it would take to load up pornography – without the computer owner?s knowledge – onto a machine. I was shown repeatedly that it was easy and it could be done in minutes. Perhaps, the prosecution, in some cases, have before them people who woefully are guilty of being unaware of computer security – and not guilty of child pornography. In this case, Matthew was a child himself.

Further, here are some links that follow Alex Eckelberry?s (and Sunbelt Software?s) efforts on behalf of Julie Amero:

link: Spyware made me do it!

link: Retired school administrator comes to the defense of Amero

link: Computerworld: Julie Amero is guilty, guilty, guilty! Justice prevails!

Kudos to Alex and his crew at Sunbelt!

Catherine Forsythe