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There are a number of chatrooms that you can chose from. Each has their own separate rules and guidelines so please read the information page before entering a chatroom.

TomCoyote Chatroom – This chatroom is chatroom to answer questions
and give help on troubleshooting computers
as well as help with new links on this website
and a nice place to meet and talk.

AntiSpyware Chatroom Antispyware chatroom is now closed, we will use the TomCoyote room on Tech-Touch from this point.
/server irc.tech-touch.net

conversly you should also be able to type
/server here
If you have questions, right now, about spyware, about how to get rid of it if you’re already infected, or just have something to say about this site, TomCoyote maintains a chat room that is open 24 hours a day

Due to personal problems, Wolfchat dot org chatrooms are down for the time being,
I personally wish Wolfchat’s family all the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

Privacy Chatroom Spywareinfo and TomCoyote’s joint chatroom.

There are a few simple rules to follow for these chat rooms:

1.) Do not swear.
2.) If you have a question, please do not /msg OPs (those people with @ next to their names). Ask the question in the channel so that everyone can help you with it.
3.) Harassment, flaming, or general rudeness will get you kicked out. This includes choosing an offensive nick to use in this chatroom.
4.) There will be no advertising (spamming).
5.) Do not paste long pieces of text into this chat room without permission. There are unattended (usually) robots that monitor the channel and a large paste could be interpreted as a flood attack. The robots would then kick you out of the channel and set a temporary ban on your IP address.

Please be aware that these conversations ARE logged. Do not reveal information that is confidential in the main channel.

Don’t close the browser window. Doing so will close the java applet that lets you into the chatroom.

It is strongly suggested that you DO NOT click the rooms button. There are several thousand rooms on this network and it takes quite a while to load the full list on a slow connection. You might even get disconnected from the server.

When you want to leave this chatroom, it will be necessary to close all browser windows for a few seconds. Leaving any browser window open will keep the connection active and you will still be downloading from the server.

There are several IP addresses that may be banned from the chat room for various reasons. If you get a message that your address has been banned and it was not you that was banned, please contact us here and we can arrange for you to circumvent the ban or temporarily remove the ban.