Does your computer fall asleep on you when you leave it for a minute?? Does it ever cut out or shut down when you close the lid and you’d like to leave it running?

Desktops and laptops are being configured to save more power and energy by either going to sleep or hibernating once they feel there is inactivity on the screen.? This can be highly annoying if you walk away from your computer from time to time.

Open up the Control Panel and go to the Power Options which could be pass the System and Security icon depending on your setup.? You will be greeted by a window which has tons of drop down menus, but the one that is important is the one that has information of “Put the Computer to Sleep.”

When you find that setting, either adjust it to go longer or completely turn it off by selecting the never option.

I discussed a day earlier about changing the power settings to go green, but I realized that might not be the case for most users.? While putting your computer to sleep is not harmful to your computer and you will not lose your work, I failed to mention it will sign you off from any active internet connections or email clients.? If you are someone who keeps their IM clients open for work or an email program like Outlook and wait to hear the updating bell, do not put your computer to sleep!? It needs to be on to notify and actively query the internet and receive your messages.