Cell phones are becoming increasingly common for the young and old, with each age group relying on their mobile device for more and more types of usage.

Whether you use your cell phone to make calls and text, or you’re right up there with the latest technology surfing the web, paying bills, looking into the night sky on where the moon will be tonight…cell phone viruses are becoming real and its important to understand how to protect yourself against them.

The mobile phone virus game started way back in the early 2000 years when a Cabir.A infected some mobile phones through bluetooth.? Like early computer viruses, the infection did not spread much and it was primarily only made to show that phones could be vulnerable too.

Today, there are hundreds of viruses going into the next wave of these futuristic computer devices.? Currently, China is struggling to remove a virus going around their network costing upward of $300,000 dollars a day in texting fees.

The way current viruses spread is through bluetooth connections and opening files/downloading unknown apps.

The best way to protect yourself from cell phone viruses is to practice the same technique you use on your computer.? Never download email files or applications that ask to be run from an unknown source on your smartphone.? Never download any unknown apps and always do a search on it if you are unsure; reviews and comments are your best friend.

These viruses can send out text messages or call all of your contacts which can be very expensive on most plans that have limits on the number of messages or minutes per line!

Don’t be caught infected on your newest personal computing device and be safe when it comes to cell phone protection.? Make sure you keep your bluetooth connection hidden and not always on when not in use and be careful when searching the applications market place!