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If you use files on a network, you understand how troubling it can be when the network goes down or you want to work offline at another location! Windows 7 makes it easy for home or business users to take their online network content with them on the go, and makes the synchronization seamless when […]

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Go green with your computer!? Saving power, energy and ‘going green’ has been the big term these past few years and Windows 7 made it pretty easy to do so. Seriously, when was the last time you really went into your power settings and configured when you want each part of your computer to turn […]

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Lefties no longer have to hide behind their right-handed counter parts in the computer world.? With the integration of touch pads to new mouse designs specific to lefties, the other dominant handed computer user have nudged their way back onto the grid. Microsoft Windows has always allowed a user to customize how the button layout […]

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Need some help reading the small text on your screen?? Trying to zoom in and check your pictures for wrinkles or zits?! Microsoft Windows 7 has a built in magnifier *minus the Starter edition* to make parts of the screen larger or zoomed in as if you were using a real magnifier without any distortion! […]

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Windows 7 was a great update to the Windows OS platform.? Not only did this new software update a lot of security issues and make the computer a bit more user friendly, it came packaged with some really great and useful tools that can help simplify common and useful tasks. One of the tools I […]

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