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The internet is full of secrets, whether its Google’s mysterious homepage animations and images all the way to secret games on Youtube.com That’s right!? You read correctly, the video giant YouTube has a secret game hidden in their media players that you can take advantage of if your video player is loading slow!

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Ever forget a website that you visited a couple days ago? Wish you would’ve book marked it so you could return to it later? There is always the option of Googling keywords and phrases that you remember on the site to see if it indexed, but that’s not always a guaranteed method because there are […]

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Firefox, like many other browsers, allows users to save their passwords to certain websites that are frequently visited to conveniently allow quicker login times.? Saving passwords is also an able tool that tons of online users will resort to so they do not have to worry about forgetting a password or confusing one login information […]

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Bookmarks are becoming more and more important in our world today, as the number of websites increase exponentially.? Searching through big search engines like Google are a risky way to find previous websites as there are billions of websites that come up in search results. If you’re very protective of your bookmarks and rely on […]

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Google has an awesome line up of applications to integrate to your email from Google Voice (a phone number) to Google Docs! Google Documents is a great alternative to those users who might not have Microsoft Word or Open Office (Free), but it also makes collaboration and working together on a single document simultaneously very […]

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