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The Motorola Xoom was launched early this year with a hardware and software combo rumored to dethrone Apple’s iPad series. Loaded with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), a new Tegra 2 chip and some of the best engineering a tablet can get, Motorola introduced a product that not only beat the iPad line, it buried it. Looking […]

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In the market for a new laptop?? The industry standards have changed as laptops have advanced and completely changed with the evolution of more powerful smartphones and tablet machines taking some of their business. Buying a laptop today is a completely different search than it was 6 months ago, so if you’re looking for a […]

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Over the past couple months, we’ve done two posts on how to create a cheap home server and a much more powerful server that can serve an entire network (home or small business). Computers on a network today are no longer only Windows machines as Apple has provided some stiff competition with their OS X […]

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Earlier this year, we did a post on how to build a cheap and inexpensive home server, using an Intel Atom which is a low power consumption processor.? The one problem with that build is that it lacks some real processing power you need to transcode and stream media on the fly or if you […]

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Do you have an iPad that is physically accessible to everyone in the family, but you would like to limit the restriction of who can use the touchscreen device?? Have a nosy roommate or friend who likes to check out your messages or changes the status of your social network accounts? The Apple iPad has […]

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