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Along with a new 12 core Mac Pro and a new iMac, the guys at Apple are at it again releasing their magic trackpad.? This magic trackpad is no ordinary trackpad (hence the name ‘magic’) and supports full multi-touch capabilities similar to the ones found on a MacBook Pro. The trackpad comes with wearproof material […]

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Amazon has the Patriot Box Office 1080p High-Definition Media Player for $64.99 after rebate today and for those of you trying to stream wireless to a TV or connect your entertainment centers together, this is a great deal. Connect your computers and external hard drives to your TVs and?beef up?your entertainment system, check it out […]

Looking for iPad alternatives?? Not ready to shell out the extra money it costs for an Apple product? Check out the forums at Anandtech?which have some Android alternatives.? Some of these devices are even a bit smaller than the iPad but also lack a couple key features like multi-touch.

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Steve Ballmer is in the hot seat as he has acknowledge Microsoft falling behind its competitors.? Windows 7 was great, but its out of the mainstream media and the public has been waiting for Windows 7 mobile since last year. Trying to stir up some new life for Microsoft, Ballmer announced Microsoft’s new emergence in […]

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Have you seen those cool Windows 7 commercials where people always talk about their streaming devices and have their computer put a home video on their TV upstairs? Microsoft Windows 7 has some very cool ‘hidden’ features which could give your home a huge kick in the technological butt.

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