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In the state that has brought us Youtube, Myspace, Google, iPod, and more, Governor Schwarzenegger is stuck with a $24 billion budget deficit. He has recently launched an initiative to see if the 6 million public school students can use online materials to save millions every year on purchased textbooks.

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I see my computer has the feature to Hibernate and Sleep, what exactly do those do?? Should I use them and would they close my applications?? Is it like shutting down your computer? All Windows machines with XP or better have the feature to Standby (Sleep) or Hibernate.? These features are heavily underrated and extremely […]

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The older computers today have a ton of weight on them; in the tower and in the monitor. The easiest and most effective way to shed some pounds and upgrade your experience is upgrading the monitor. Most present day computers come equip with LCD’s but the older machines were send out with large CRT monitors; […]

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With the world changing technologically, older computers seem to look a bit ?fat? and ?out of shape.?? While its expensive and painful to just toss out the old hardware, its tough to keep up with the rapid changes on a slow machine. Welcome to a whole new world of fitness and dieting; computer wellness. Here, […]

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