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I was with a friend this past weekend who was complaining about his computer.? Naturally I thought it was generic computer slow down or even some spyware, but when I saw heard his next symptom, it shocked me to believe he continued to use his machine. My friend told me that his computer was playing […]

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Making your computer faster is easy and quick to do.? Most operating systems have built in tools that you can use to regularly speed up your PC. If you want a faster computer, try to use the following steps and you will notice better performance from your machine.

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Fake positive infections are becoming a growing security threat within themselves across the cyber community today.? A fake positive is any warning or advisor that flashes a pop-up or message that claims your computer is infected with a virus or malware,? but in reality, you’re not under attack from the accused infection. The security threat […]

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I have a portable work computer that I always bring around with me to many locations and I am constantly on different networks all the time.? Is there anyway I can run something online, such as a free online virus scanner that can help me maintain a virus free machine!? If anything happened to this […]

I recently put in a 650 Watt power supply on my old Dell XPS that has a GeForce 8800 GTS video card (the 512mb version).? Is there anyway to actually get a rough estimate of what it uses as a wattage because I was told the 650 is too much for that but I was […]

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