I am trying to update my computer, but every time I hit the Windows Update shortcut or navigate to the Windows Update website, it gives me the message: “Cannot validate windows for updates.”? I’m pretty sure this is a legitimate copy of Windows as it was preinstalled before I bought the machine.Why will this not let me update my computer?? If it helps, I have Windows XP.

If you are having an issue with updating your computer, it can really hinder your security as your machine is not able to download and patch vital security updates released by Microsoft.? This is usually caused by the Windows Genuine Advantage validation process not being able to validate a copy of Microsoft Windows XP.

Lets look at a couple ways we can try to correct this error or look into some steps to make sure the copy of Windows you have on your machine has the correct key and is legitimate.

Visit this page in Internet Explorer.? *If it is not Internet Explorer, it will make you reopen it in a valid browser.

Start the diagnostics on the page.? You may be prompted to either “run or save” the file; choose run.

The Diagnostic tool will help list some reasons why you are not able to validate Windows or some error messages that will be helpful to a Microsoft Representative in determining the validity of your license.

The product license will be displayed to you to verify it is the one that matches the install disk.? These are the operating system disks that came with your machine and you can find the serial key number on either the back of the disk envelope or on a sticker posted on your machine (usually it’s shiny).

If the key is different from the one on your machine, change the key using the Windows Product Key Update Tool.

If you are still having issues, contact Microsoft’s Resolution Team and they will help you change your license to a valid key or determine if your key is not legitimate.