I like to work for a longer period of time with my laptop plugged in, is that ok or will I be damaging something?

There is a ton of improper usage on laptop batteries while many people aren’t fully aware of the best way to take care of one to preserve its life!? Plugging in your laptop is perfectly alright, but there are some steps to take before you leave it running for hours.

1) Take the battery out!? It’s always the first thing I do before I plug in my laptop for hours on end.? A lot of new/old batteries have Lithium-Ion? batteries that lose their charge capacity every time they are re-charged.? While you may not think your laptop is charging after it reaches 100%, it’s secretly fooling you!? There’s been some myth about certain laptops having smarter charge systems where the battery goes idle after it charges up so it does not lose capacity, but its still a great precaution to take before leaving your laptop plugged in.

2) Sufficient cooling.? Since your laptop will be on for hours, make sure it’s still in a cool environment with little obstruction to the computer fans.? A great investment is a laptop cooler which puts a fan underneath your laptop so it remains cool and quiet while you work!