Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of my favorite holidays because you can grab a lot of great technology for a fractional of the normal cost!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined make up a huge amount of the holiday sales for tons of retailers throughout the country and if you’re in the market for specific electronics, these are the days you can walk out with a steal of a deal.

Check out my take of some of the available pieces of technology before you head out on Friday or sit down with your keyboard on Monday.

Consumer electronics head up the group which is exactly the stuff I plan to address…sorry to those techy super geeks looking for a new heatsink cooler deal…check NewEgg.

Televisions: The biggest item to move on these days have to be HDTV’s for people gearing up for the end of football season or just to finally upgrade the old big tube TV’s.? The entry level LCD’s are at a great price, with 32″ deals starting at $198 for a 720p HD quality and a 42″ for only $398.? To be honest, for those of you scoffing at the lack of 1080p on these TV’s, HD cable only is broadcasted in 720p so theres no need.? The only true 1080 is from gaming consoles and blu-ray so for those who are just looking to get a sweet looking set, these TV’s should work great (just make sure you upgrade your cable subscription to actually get HD channels!).

Computers/Laptops: One of the best times to buy a new computer (besides back to school) is now!? For those of you looking for a computer that just surfs the internet, buy any of the PC’s out there that you like according to size and price.? Pretty much anything on the market with current processor technology will handle all of your web browsing and word processing needs.

For those gamers out there (and even the tech enthusiasts), Cyber Monday should reveal a ton of discounts on parts, monitors, and even overall rigs.? I expect some great deals out of HP, which sent me a great new HP Mini 210 which has a full multi-touch track pad just in time for Black Friday.

MP3’s/Gadgets/Phones: Stop in at your local tech stores such as Best Buy, Target and Walmart.? Apple is going to have some money off their iPods (around $21) which is better than nothing, so if you’re looking to buy a new mp3 player, now is the time!? Upgrade your phones too because the big carriers have really good buy one get one deals as well as just cheap overall upgrade prices which could be great early gifts for the family members who have been begging for that smartphone.

Add storage to your existing MP3 players as memory is getting cheaper by the day.? Don’t forget to check your coupons and online to stack for even better deals!

Good luck, be safe and happy holidays!