I have an upgrade for one of my phone lines and I’m wondering if I should wait for Windows 7 Mobile or if Windows right now is fine?? I heard a lot of some sort of rumors with the iPhone and new phones anyway coming out from other manufacturers?? Please help me!? I don’t want to buy something and have it be a bad purchase in like 2 months.

Welcome to technology; no matter what you buy, in 2 months, it will be obsolete.? The phone market is very volatile right now, but there is some information I can share with you that would help you make your decision on what to buy and when to buy it!

Windows 7 is slated to be released sometime very soon!? I imagine the phones that come out during the holidays will be equip with Windows 7.? The new hardware and the powerful software together will make an incredible punch!? Not only are the phones going to look snazy and sexy, it will have the nice software to back up the fancy look.? Windows 6 will be blown out of the water and forgotten about in a matter of days once Windows 7 is released.

The new iPhone was released and its no secret anymore!? It will be an anticipated launch still and you should expect a nice one and innovative new phone, potentially on Verizon (dare to dream)!

If I were you, I’d wait till the fall to see some of the new phones that come out.? The new phones will have incredible hardware changes, nicer looks, will be sleeker, better battery lives and come at a better price for the customer!