I just formatted my computer and I tried to video chat with a friend but it says my webcam is not plugged in and cannot be detected.? How do I plug in a webcam that’s built in?? Thanks for helping me!

Troubleshooting messages do not always make sense because they can use a generic message for all hardware rather then specific or tailored messages depending on your hardware.? There was a key part of your message which I feel is causing your issue but its a quick fix!

You mentioned that you’ve recently “formatted” your computer which I think is causing the issues due to the lack of installed drivers for your webcam.

If you format your computer, you must reinstall the “mini software” for each of your devices so they can be detected by other software you install on your computer.

For your situation, I recommend you visit your computer manufacture and search the model of your computer for the drivers.? Look for the latest released firmware and download it to your computer.? Double click the file and run the installation and follow the onscreen instructions and once you’re done, reboot your computer.

Your webcam should be detected when your reboot is complete and you should be able to run your video chat software again!