I switched my primary line from a Blackberry Tour to a Droid X from Verizon Wireless a couple weeks ago.? The Droid X is powerful, boasts incredible hardware and is backed by Androids apps and Verizon’s best in class service.

It’s two weeks later, and guess which phone I decided to use as my primary…my blackberry.

The Android platform is great, the phones look sleeker, sexier and who can forget about all those apps!? I loved the Droid X in terms of features, but there were two main things I missed that sealed the deal for me on the Android phones: emails and battery life.

I’m not one of those highly important government officials who needs emails on the dot, but I do like to receive them.? Setting up emails on a Droid phone was painful and it wouldn’t even support one of my primary email accounts!? While I could have?forwarded to Gmail and send from a different address, the whole process seemed silly compared to my 10 second setup in Blackberry software.

I would charge my Droid X in the morning, go to work, and by 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I had about 30% battery left.? While that included a couple texts and a phone call and?being in an office that suppresses all cell service, there should not have been 70% of my battery gone in only 5-6 hours.

The apps were great, but they were just “fun” for the time being and I don’t think any of them were revolutionary that I needed to have over my blackberry.? While browsing is hands down better on the Android, I think I will stick with blackberry for a bit longer to see what OS 6 (coming very soon with the best browser score over iPhone and Android) has to offer.

Remember, a phone is still a phone, and contrary to popular belief, it still needs to make calls and send messages…If my phone won’t make it through a regular day of use, how do I know it won’t give out on me in an emergency situation.? I’ll take dependability over a couple flashy features any day.