The title says it all on this one…the average American goes through almost 34 gigabytes of data per day through the means of their cell phone, TVs, texts and other means of information transporting devices.

An interesting study at UC San Diego estimated the amount of data the average person goes through per day…and that’s outside of work.? Find out if you’re an “information junkie” too.

I was shocked when I read the original article posted on Yahoo!, I thought it was pertaining to groups of American’s per week or month!? To put it into perspective for some of our non-technical readers; the computer hard drive in front of you is roughly in the range of 80-500 gigs.? If you divide that by 34 you can determine how many day’s your hard drive would last before it got full.
The study considered any means of transferring data (including books) as valid input with an average of 12 hours per day to consume the 34 gigs.? Traditional media dominated the chunk of data at around 60%.? Video games and general computer use came in second surprisingly but I wouldn’t be shocked to see that number move more towards mobile phones with much faster browsing speeds moving to these smaller hand held devices.
Anyone else shocked by this or does it sound reasonable?? Thoughts?