I’ve been having some trouble recently with my burned CD’s.? I use to be able to burn all my music onto discs to take into the car all the time, but for some reason, the discs I’ve made recently just burn and finalize but just do not play in any of my CD players like they use to.? What seems to be the problem and how can I fix it?

Blast from the past! I remember CD’s.what do they stand for again?? Wait, no don’t tell me?? Computer Discs?? Completely disable?? Ahh, it will come to me later tonight.? Burning errors with discs are usually problems that are caused by the burning process or the way you are making the disc, but your problem doesn’t seem to sound like it stems from the burning process.

Let’s figure out with some of these diagnostic steps to find out which problem is causing your errors.

You’ve taken the first step of troubleshooting by trying the disc on multiple CD players.? If it did not work on one, but did on others, it could be an alignment problem or a bad lens in that disc player.

The second thing I would check is making sure you are burning audio discs instead of data.? Under the burn options tab or in the settings, make sure you are not in “data” or “dvd” or bootable CD mode which will not create the proper format your CD needs to have to be read by the disc players.

The last thing to try is a new batch of CD’s.? Unfortunately, as odd as it seems, the entire batch could be ones that are not properly made or a brand the players do not like.? Make sure the new ones you by are CD-R’s and not -+RW’s.

Let us know what worked for you!