I recently had a portable GPS stolen from my car that I just bought.? Any way to track it that you know of?? I still have the code unit number?

GPS systems have become the newest gadget on the market for everyone to have.? They rode the wave to becoming the top Christmas gadget gift right after cell phones and iPod?s; naturally they would join the same list of a high theft rate.? GPS systems use a passive method to obtain information from satellites but a question that has been asked since the creation of these tech toys is ?are they traceable if they are stolen??

The passive method that GPS systems use only receive information from satellites.? Unfortunately for us consumers and owners, this means that they cannot send information back to the same satellite to triangulate their current location.? Bottom line is that these systems cannot be traced if stolen or lost.? “The GPS calculates location for you. Communicating that location to a tracking center requires a separate service,” says Kanwar Chadha, founder and vice president of SiRF Technology, the largest supplier of GPS chips to navigation device makers.

The GPS systems on rental cars, cell phones or even ankle bracelets utilize a different type of system with both sends and receives information, thus being able to be located.? Personal navigation systems do not have this technology yet, but the demand that once was lacking for the tracking technology is now being asked for.

Some companies are talking about offering a service to include the tracking system in portable units for a fee yearly.? In my opinion, if we have these same features on our cell phones, why should we have to pay for it on the GPS units when they are already so pricy.? It should be some time before we see these units roll out regularly, but today, most cars are slowly becoming equip with build in navigation systems.

I am truly sorry for your loss and I hope you are able to scout out a good deal on a replacement system!