Apple had their Keynote press today at 1 PM EST and rocked the house with the official release of some fantastic products.

Before anyone calls me an Apple fanboy, I suggest you read up on some of the notes from the release; new iPhone, OS, iPad updates and innovations to the mobile market.

Apple keynotes are always so positive and re-affirm Apple as individualistic thinkers.? Apple has recently started to show off its large and impressive numbers to the public to stray away from the small global market share it has compared to Microsoft.

Steve Jobs started out with the iPad update.? The sheer dominance of this new “tablet’ is at 1 iPad sold every 3 seconds.? Running all the iPhone apps from the app store, the iPad also added some new iBook features and HTML5 support.? The App store from Apple flexed its dominance in astounding numbers which continue its sheer outpacing numbers than any competitor.

The definite highlight of the entire event was the new iPhone 4.? With a new software coded “iOS4” the 24% slimmer design and larger battery life certainly make this the leading smartphone on the globe.? The iPhone 4 is the highest resolution and most advanced mobile system of its kind with 2 cameras, noise canceling microphones and a much more robust design.

My favorite feature of the new iPhone/software is the “Facetime” video chatting software from either front or rear camera.? iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over WiFi network, the new Facetime software allows users to chat instantaneously without any setup or configuration; another “Apple right out of the box” product.

Apple introduced multi-tasking and some other folder features which once again put a lid on any doubt that they continue to be at the top of the list for the most powerful mobile devices produced today.