Do you use iTunes and want a chance to win $10,000?? Consider this your lucky day because Apple has decided to give away $10,000 dollars to the user who purchases the 10 billionth song ever on the ever so popular iTunes.? Currently over 9.9 billion songs have been purchased and every day the media titan is getting closer to the 10th billion sale.

To make the event interesting for its users, the customer that purchases the the 10th billion download a $10,000 iTunes gift card to essentially take care of their music needs for life!

To win the contest, you must be at least 13 years old in a country that allows the operation of iTunes.? There also is a maximum of 25 entiries per day so keep buying music as you normally do.? To try and time out your purchase, you can use this counter here.

If you don’t purchase music from iTunes but still want to enter, you can try to time this form in perfectly to be the 10th billion sale for them, even though its just a form entry.? Essentially, you have to time it so the form goes in just as the 10th billion sale is about to conclude.? (Good luck with that one…)

Let us know if you win!? Happy Purchasing!