If you own an iPhone, someone could be watching you.? Sound creepy enough yet?? Apple released some incredible information about potential ‘leaks’ in user security.

More disturbing about the issue is the ongoing use of the procedure and the open embracing of the problem it may be causing.

If you have an iPhone…be careful where you step.

I read an article from the LA Times Blog about large smart phone companies like Apple releasing GPS information to vendors and other advertisers.? The point of their release is to send geographical information so advertisers could better target you; in their advertisements of course.? An example would be an advertisement may be displayed in the cold north but the same company could be displaying something completely different to people in the warm south…think clothing.

While Apple likes to think that the large data is anonymous and no one could ever pin point an individual person, analysts have shown the ability to break down the large data and target individual users.? Although you can unregister for advertisements, you can never truly disable your GPS or remote access to your phone just in case you ever need to destroy it.

iPhone users can turn off applications accessing their location by the “Location Services” page in the Settings >> General tab but the true king of all (Apple) always has access to your phone…be afraid…be very afraid.