Looks like the issues with the Apple iPhone were not all fixed with the new release.? The new 4th generation iPhone was released this morning with many users receiving their devices early yesterday by pre-order delivery.

As always, the internet is the first resource for users to report problems, and the lines are being flooded with some interesting reviews.? I’ve had some time to play with the new iPhone and while I was impressed, I was troubled to hear some of the problems it’s been having.

The new iPhone is impressive as any other device I’ve seen.? It’s compact, dense but a solid weight, sharp and has a display that will knock your socks off!? Unfortunately, with more technology comes more possibilities for things to falter and break.

My friend pre-ordered an iPhone and recieved it yesterday and showed me some of the features.? The first comment about the iPhone was,? “it drops calls…”? I began to take out my Verizon Blackberry and tell him that he should probably switch to a network that does not drop calls, but for once, AT&T was not the person to blame.

The iPhone has an antenna located at the bottom left corner of the device.? If you hold the device in your left hand and cover up some of the phone, the signal becomes exponentially weaker.? Essentially the iPhone has become a one handed device!

The screen is a nice glass finish but plan to put on a protective cover if you want to preserve the sharp look.? Glass will scratch and people are reporting that they have already started to scuff up their new screen. (We haven’t even mentioned the shattering ability either!)

Crunch Gear reports users claiming yellow bands on the screen.? Whether this is from use of the phone or just defects on the screen, I’d be pretty surprised to hear this issue unaddressed from Apple.? Although Jobs was right about the superb screen resolution, what good would it be if it had yellow marks all over it.

What else have you been hearing?