GPS systems have become a feature that moved from being a luxury in a car to becoming more available on our pocket cell phones.

After having the opportunity of using the Motorola Droid from Verizon Wireless, I began to replace my car GPS with the built in Beta version of Google Navigation.? With some of the impressive features Google threw into this navigation system, I can never see myself going back to a regular GPS.

The features built into the Beta version of Google Navigation are second to none.? While it contains an impressive turn by turn style method of directions (found in all GPS systems) it is the only one in it’s class to provide those turn by turn directions on a mobile phone while simultaneously updating your global positioning.

Not only will this phone provide directions for your car, but it will also pinpoint directions if you are on a bus or on foot!? While some may initially write this off as “silly,” I’d like to point out its incredible usefulness for obtaining directions in the city rather than asking shop owners who only send you on counteractive routes.

The best feature I found of the navigation system was the integration of a “Google Earth” feel.? I was able to view the road and what my turns would look like before I actually made them.? I found this the most useful in places where I was not familiar or in places where street signs were covered up, knocked off or even buried in a sharp turn that most would miss upon first pass.

I give Google, Motorola and Verizon Wireless a big thumbs up for their contribution to this new standard for GPS units on mobile devices!