I’ve been hearing a lot about how Windows 7 is very similar to Vista but that it is missing some standard items that were in Vista.? Is there anything specific that I would be able to tell right off the bat that would be missing from my desktop.? I do not want to upgrade and then find out some of my favorite parts of Vista are not in Windows 7 anymore.

Windows 7 is very similar to Windows Vista; you’ve heard correctly.? A lot of the features and look feel like you are still in Vista until you notice the taskbar or the new Aero features.etc.? However, you have also heard correctly where there are some standard differences between the two operating systems when it comes to the desktop.? There have been some removed standard features in Windows 7 but never fear, there are great replacement options instead!

Windows 7 no longer offers the Classic Start Menu.? To be honest, I never felt that classic menu was helpful in moving our tech era forward.? It was too Windows 98/XP for me and I actually liked the omission of this feature.

Windows Sidebar has vanished.? Rather having all the widgets in an outlined box, you are free to move your widgets anywhere on your desktop or keep them in a straight line on the right side of the screen.? Once again, I commend this addition because it was always ugly to see a faded outline on the screen or not be able to move your widgets to some other part of the desktop depending on your configuration (not all desktops look the same!).

Windows Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Calendar, and Mail have been removed as standard features in Windows 7.? If you still would like to use these programs, navigate to Windows Download Live and select any of the products download link.? It will contain all the installation files for any of these programs rather then asking you to download each individual file separately.

Windows 7 does have a unique desktop experience not similar to its predecessor Vista.? While the desktop backgrounds might be the same, the taskbar, sidebar, and standard programs are no longer installed to clutter up your machine.? I really like the changes made as I feel they clean up the desktop more and for most users who do not choose to run any of the Windows Programs, it gives them a chance to have a clean slate to install another default program without the hassle of removing the old Windows version.