We’ve had a report that the popular scambaiting site 419Eater and the anti-scam site Scamwarners are the latest anti-spam sites to fall victim to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Both sites are down at this time. Details are hard to come by, but there’s apparently been speculation that the attack originated from a Russian spamgang.

The Russians are pretty much the ‘usual suspects’ for any kind of DDoS attack. There’s good reason to believe that the Zhelatin (Storm Worm) gang have been behind a number of other DDoS attacks this year, including an attack against anti-spam sites and download sites operated by a rival spam gang. Zhelatin are known to have spare capacity at the moment. There have been reports that they have built up a botnet containing more than a million computers, not all of which are currently being used for stock and pill spam.

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